The Sunshine Flotilla

Sunshine Flotilla

Calling all boaters on the Neuse & Trent Rivers! Join in the fun and anchor up! This year, we've got a brand new category that's going to set the waves ablaze: The Sunshine Flotilla!

We want to see our waters teeming with creativity! So dust off your deck decorations, fire up your imagination, and transform your boat into a masterpiece! ‍‍ Whether it's a side-splitting scene, a cartoon come-to-life, a swashbuckling pirate ship, or even a jolly ol' Santa's surprise sleigh (out of season, of course!), let your inner decorator shine!

And the best part? The crowd gets to pick their favorite! The most eye-catching vessel will be awarded a cool $100 CASH PRICE! So get ready to set sail for fun, win big, and soak up the sunshine! See you on the high seas!

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